SYQEL vs. Windows Media Player: Beautiful and Memorable vs...Average

Windows Media Player comes standard with every Windows device. But the standard is just another word for average. Windows Media Player generates average visuals at best, while SYQEL is the music visualizer app that can generate over 50,000 exceptional visuals, and be set up in 5 minutes.

SYQEL vs. Windows Media Player: Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

Feature SYQEL Make a photo slideshow with Windows Media Player — Balch Springs  Library-Learning Center
Software Compatibility Windows/Mac Windows
Software Setup Time 5 minutes Several hours to configure streaming, licensing, etc.
Visual Set Design Time 0 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment. Visualizer runs on playlists that you must build
Livestreaming Connectivity Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, Twitter N/A
Visual Quality 8K ready Dependent on resolution of visual output device
Number of Included Visuals/Transitions 50,000+ 3 (can install up to 15 more from Microsoft store)
Audio Input Source Any From PC playlists
Visual automation Always Always
Audio Freedom Change your audio set at any time, SYQEL reacts. Must create audio playlist prior to usage
Price $299 Lifetime Software License Standard with Microsoft PCs

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SYQEL vs. Windows Media Mixer:
An In-Depth Feature Comparison

Windows Media Player is the standard of Windows PCs – but the standard is just another word for the average. You can do better, with the same level of effort.

Software Compatibility

SYQEL can be downloaded as a desktop app on Windows/Mac. There are very few system requirements to use the app. It can also act as a web-based app, so you can generate visuals online and off. SYQEL can be set up so that it receives any audio source: a desktop, a microphone, you name it. This means that you can use any form of audio DJing equipment you own (or will own). The app can also be connected to your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for livestreams using your own personal DJ URL.

Windows Media Player comes standard with Windows 7 systems and later. Because it is within the standard Windows package, Windows Media Player is not a robust app. It's not even a focal point of the Microsoft system, let alone the VJing software sphere. It is not made to be compatible with DJing equipment. If you want to broadcast, you have to use "Gaming Mode," which takes your microphone and camera as inputs. If you want to show Windows Media Player visuals on any device other than your home computer, also have to access Windows Media Player from your home network using a Windows Live ID to show them.

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Time Spent Setting Up and Using Software

Windows Media Player is best suited for playing audio, and nothing else. If you wanted to give VJing with this app a shot, you have to move audio files from your music folders to Windows Media Player to build a playlist. You must get a Windows Live ID to play live anywhere other than your PC. You must connect to your home network anytime you want to access your setlist.

With SYQEL, there is no complicated interface you need to learn. You just download the software on your PC. Choose your audio input (laptop, microphone, whatever you choose) from your online account and open the desktop app. The app immediately starts generating visuals (like to one pictured on the right.) Modify the framerate, visual duration, and transition times. Modify your set and SYQEL will adjust automatically. It takes 5 minutes to set up and start using SYQEL.

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Ease of Software Usage

SYQEL uses the power of AI to automatically react to any designated audio input and generate visuals for you in real time (like the visual pictured on the left.) You don't have to think about managing visuals at all. The SYQEL app does all the work of creation, so it's very easy to use.

Because Windows Media Player is so limited in choice and audio input capabilities, it is simple to use when actually generating visuals. You right-click anywhere on the screen, and you are shown a menu with extremely limited visualization options (as pictured on the left.)

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Visual Media Generation

SYQEL uses the power of AI to automatically react to any designated audio input and generate visuals for you in real time. The SYQEL app does all the work of creation, so it's very easy to use.

Windows Media Player has very limited options for visualizations. Some of Windows Media Player's visual types are not even synced to your audio input. You can install some of the 15 visualization types offered in the Microsoft store. But otherwise, that's all Windows Media Player has to offer – generic, repetitive visuals.

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Learning Curve and Fine-Tuning Visuals

The learning curve with Windows Media Player is really about trying to figure out what the app can do, rather than how to do something. The app just isn't that robust or varied, and Windows has not made its media player compatible with many things outside of your own PC.

To make visually pleasing and worthwhile visual content with Virtual DJ, you would have to find, install, and learn how to use several content samples, transitions, and effects. You would also have to be on top of mixing visuals throughout your show.

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The words "pay nothing" sound nice. But you always get what you pay for.

Windows Media Player comes for free with just about every Windows PC. But frankly, you're not saving any money by getting a worthless product for free. Windows Media Player doesn't add to your show. So you may as well pay for something that will. But a SYQEL Lifetime License ($299) that creates visuals like this automatically, with no work on your part? It's a one-time purchase that will be worth it for years to come.

We also have monthly plans starting at $9/month, if $299 is not in the budget right now.
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It comes down to whether you want your show to be...just average.

VJing is an art. It requires software that can perform as well as you can. Is your show not worth paying a one-time fee for a lifetime of beautiful performance visuals, that takes no time to set up at all? If you want to show the world a show they'll never forget, with just about no effort on your part, then SYQEL is the music visualizer for you.

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If you’re a “see it to believe it” person, this high-quality SYQEL music visualization is for you:

Partial screen record of idfc – Blackbear (Tarro Remix).