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Whether you would like to learn more about the technologies we use, suggest a feature, complain about our product or ask us anything about the future of visualization – we LOVE hearing from you!


How many visuals does SYQEL have?

SYQEL includes over 50,000 unique audio responsive visuals across multiple visual feeds and technologies.

Can I use SYQEL in commercial settings?

Yes, with a paid Deluxe subscription (or higher) you can use the visuals in an commercial setting you would like!

Can I select and control the visual feed?

Yes! You can create an unlimited amount of Visual Playlists, that can contain as little as 1 visual. Further you can use the keyboard shortcuts to lock a visual so that it does not change to anything else.

Is SYQEL really 100% free to try?

Yes! You can create a free SYQEL account without having to add any payment method. Once you decide you would like to remove the watermark a paid subscription or credits package will be required.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

You can manage your billing information and plan from within your SYQEL account. SYQEL does not store your CC or billing information on our servers!

How secure is your payment processor?

SYQEL uses Stripe – the world’s leading and most secure payment processor.

Stripe is used by millions of webstores including but not limited to Shopify, Twitter, Discord, Streamlabs & others

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. We do not enforce any long term contracts.