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SYQEL Music Visualizer Features

Packed with over 50,000 audio responsive visuals and 2 visual feeds, SYQEL provide you with unparalleled access to the worlds easiest to operate, feature rich Music Visualizer.

Control The Visual Experience With Keyboard Hotkeys

Easily control your visualizer directly from your keyboard in real time!

Create Custom Curated Visual Playlists For Any Event

Visual Playlists are handy when you want to customize the look of your visual feed to a specific event. 

For example you can limit the visualizer to only display a specific type of visuals or sequence the visuals in a particular order.

Curating and creating a playlist is super easy. So is selecting it and activating it.

Optimize The Visuals To Respond To Specific Frequencies

Creating a Frequency reactiveness preset is simple yet extremely powerful.

It allows you to optimize the visualizer to respond to specific frequencies such as lows, mids or highs so that you can get the best reactiveness experience for your music or audio.

For example – you can create a preset for each genre that you play, focusing the reactiveness to respond specifically to dominant sounds within each genre.

Add Up To 9 Watermark Logos

Watermark logos are a great way to brand your visual experience.
With SYQEL you can upload up to 9 logos, set their size and placement location on the screen, and then change between them without having to stop the visualizer.

This is a great feature for stages that feature multiple artists, or sponsors.

Setting up your logos and switching between them is super easy.

Display A Custom Message With A Scrolling Marquee

Adding a Marquee message to your visualizer provides you with an amazing opportunity to add a relevant message to your viewers.

For example, this feature is often used to display a promotional message, announcement or greeting.

Setting it up is super easy, and triggering it is even easier!