Audio Visualization 101


A beginners guide to sound visualization and creating mesmerizing visualized music videos without any technical skills

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The symbiotic relationship between music and visuals extends beyond entertainment.

Sam and Yoav discuss how visuals are a dynamic tool for storytelling, enhancing narrative depth and impact. Intricately woven visuals, from cinematography to expressive expressions, form a visual language that communicates emotions and motives.

We analyze the different modern tools we have to create visual performances and guide you how to create your first visualized music video using the 4 major DAWs: Ableton, ProTools, Logic & FL Studio.

Learn how to record and publish your creations using OBS. Become more than a novice in the world of audio visuals.

The book is an essential guide for artists, producers, and enthusiasts seeking to harness the synergy between sound and visuals, crafting a transformative experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

In a world where sensory engagement is paramount, “Audio Visual 101” equips readers with the knowledge of history and science in the audio visual space.

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