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SYQEL vs. Magic Music Visuals: A Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

FeatureSYQELMagic Music Visuals (Performer License)
Software CompatibilityWeb/Windows/MacWindows/Mac
Visual Set Design Time0-5 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment.Depends on complexity of scenes.
Livestreaming ConnectivityTwitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, TwitterOBS
Visual Quality8K ready4K (dependent on hardware being used to visualize)
Number of Included Visuals50,000+Visuals created/sourced by you
Transition CapabilitiesSYQEL transitions just as much as your music doesCut, fade, dissolve between prebuilt scenes
Audio Input SourceAnyAny
Visual automationAlwaysCan sync scenes to music, but you must build scene
Price$0-$299 Per Month$79.95 Magic Performer License

SYQEL is easy to set up. Watch this tutorial and demo below: