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SYQEL vs. Modul8: A Very Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

FeatureSYQELModul8 -
Device CompatibilityWeb/Windows/MacmacOS 10.9.5 or later
Visual Set Design Time0-5 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment.Dependent on experience
Livestreaming ConnectivityTwitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, TwitterOBS (with NDI export)
Visual Quality8K readyMatches video output quality (screen resolution)
Number of Included Visuals/Transitions50,000+Build your own or use Syphon to get frames
Audio Input SourceAnyAudio comes from uploaded media files
Visual automationAlwaysMust use MIDI mapping for visuals to sync to music
Price$0-$299 Per Month 299 Lifetime Software License

SYQEL is easy to set up. Watch this tutorial and demo below: