Compare SYQEL and Modul8: Automated Visualizer vs. Layer-Based Video Composer

Modul8 and SYQEL are both apps made to create live visuals. The difference between them: Modul8 is a live video composer and SYQEL is an automated music visualizer. Modul8 requires you to build your own visual set with an interface that's almost like Photoshop. But with SYQEL, you simply download the app and press "Start" for an immersive, imaginative experience for your listeners.

Note: Modul8 only runs on macOS.

SYQEL vs. Modul8: A Very Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

Feature SYQEL Modul8 -
Device Compatibility Windows/Mac macOS 10.9.5 or later
Visual Set Design Time 0 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment. Dependent on experience
Livestreaming Connectivity Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, Twitter OBS (with NDI export)
Visual Quality 8K ready Matches video output quality (screen resolution)
Number of Included Visuals/Transitions 50,000+ Build your own or use Syphon to get frames
Audio Input Source Any Audio comes from uploaded media files
Visual automation Always Must use MIDI mapping for visuals to sync to music
Price $299 Lifetime Software License 299 Lifetime Software License

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SYQEL vs. Modul8:
An In-Depth Feature Comparison

Which product best suits your needs?

Software Compatibility

SYQEL can be downloaded as a desktop app on Windows/Mac. There are very few system requirements to use the app. It can also act as a web-based app. SYQEL can be set up so that it receives any audio source: a desktop, a microphone, you name it. The app can be connected to your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for livestreams using your own personal DJ URL.

Modul8 is for macOS only. You need a fast graphics card for Modul8 to perform well. With Modul8, audio/visual inputs and quality are determined by the media you use to build your show.

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Time Spent Setting Up and Using Software

Because Modul8 is geared more towards creating video projects than simply adding visuals to your audio set, you have to learn how to use an entire software interface to build a visual set. Modul8 works using a layer building interface (pictured to the right). You build and connect frames to create a visual set.

With SYQEL, there is no interface you need to learn to start visualizing your music. You just download the software on your PC. Choose your audio input (laptop, microphone, whatever you choose) from your online account and open the desktop app. The app immediately starts visualizing. Modify the framerate, visual duration, and transition times. Modify your set and SYQEL will adjust automatically. It takes 5 minutes to set up and start using SYQEL.

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Ease of Software Usage

SYQEL uses the power of AI to automatically react to any designated audio input and generate visuals for you in real time (like the visual pictured on the left.) The SYQEL app does all the work of creation, so it's very easy to use.

As Modul8 works using layer building and media modification tools, you have many options for customizing your visual sets. However, you must go through the process of finding videos to use or creating geometrical imagery. If you want a fast-paced, interesting visual show using Modul8, then you will have to focus on building layers upon layers, modifying every layer, adding in effects and transitions, and managing audio. Modul8 is a great software for in-depth image and video building. But it is time-consuming if you just want to produce great visuals to go with your audio.

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Visual Media Generation

SYQEL is preloaded with over 50,000 8K ready visuals and 120+ moods to choose from. Set your framerate, visual duration, and transition duration on your online account. A higher framerate creates sharper quality visuals, while a lower framerate promotes better performance on the part of your desktop. Since SYQEL's visuals are preloaded and audio-reactive, you do not need to source visuals or so any visual set up before a show. You also have complete freedom to vary your set in the moment, as SYQEL is not tied to any specific audio ordering.

Modul8 requires you to either upload media, pull media from Syphon (a macOS exclusive frame sharing site), or create your own visuals. These materials can then be modified with color, contrast, etc.

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Learning Curve and Fine-Tuning Visuals

Fine-tuning a visual set with Modul8 is essentially like editing a photo – except there are several of them, depending on the length of your set.

SYQEL requires no training, as machine learning has, in a sense, learned how to perfectly compose visuals for you. The only "fine-tuning" you have to do is choosing how long a visual stays on-screen, and how long it takes to change to the next. You can also choose your mood, but otherwise, you're good to go.

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Pricing: How much do you want to spend on visuals?

A SYQEL Lifetime Software License is a one-time purchase that is and always will be easy to use. But a Modul8 Lifetime Software License isn't worth it if you don't need a complex, in-depth video composing tool.

See our monthly plans if a lifetime license fee is not just not in the budget right now.



50,000+ High-Quality Visuals
No Time Needed to Start
No Learning Curve
Microsoft/Mac/Web App



Must Build/Source Visuals
Must Create Visual Sets
Complicated Interface
macOS Only

It ultimately comes down to what you need.

Modul8 is a music video composer geared more towards building complex visuals to be captured than quickly generating visuals in the moment. If you are looking for software to visualize music for you, so you don't have to spend time or money doing it all yourself,
SYQEL is the VJ software that will put you on the map in your niche.

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SYQEL is easy to set up. Watch this tutorial and demo below: