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SYQEL vs. Resolume: A Very Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

FeatureSYQELResolume 6 Official Training | DocOptic
Software CompatibilityWeb/Windows/MacWindows/Mac
Visual Set Design Time0-5 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment.Dependent on experience
Livestreaming ConnectivityTwitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, TwitterTwitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, Slack, Zoom
Visual Quality8K ready4K ready
Number of Included Visuals/Transitions50,000+70 (Version 7.3.1 rev)
Audio Input SourceAny.wav, .mov, .avi
Visual automationAlwaysLoop visuals, but never automatically audio-reactive
Audio FreedomChange your audio set at any time, SYQEL reacts.Can’t change audio, or visuals/transitions won’t work.
UpgradesAutomatic (free) 79-219
UpdatesAutomatic (free)Free for 12 months. Then you must renew license.
Price$0- $299.95 Per Month 299-799 Annual License

SYQEL is easy to set up. View the tutorial and demo below: