Compare SYQEL and Synesthesia: Auto- vs. Manual- Visualizers

The SYQEL and Synesthesia music visualizer apps both aim to use AI to react to your audio and produce visuals. With Synesthesia, you still have to build/modify scenes with a limited number of visuals. SYQEL is able to produce 50,000+ visuals automatically. All you have to do is download SYQEL, and it immediately starts visualizing music, with no problems.

SYQEL vs. Synesthesia: A Very Fast and Simple Feature Comparison

Feature SYQEL Music + Tech Discovery Showcase Tickets, Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 6:30PM | The
Software Compatibility Windows/Mac Windows/Mac
Visual Set Design Time 0 minutes. SYQEL generates visuals in the moment. Dependent on experience/desired complexity
Livestreaming Connectivity Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, Twitter OBS
Visual Quality 8K ready 4K with Pro License (lesser licenses at 1920×1080)
Number of Included Visuals 50,000+ 78 (as of 2021)
Transition Capabilities SYQEL transitions just as much as your music does Currently, only manual fade to black to change visuals
Audio Input Source Any Laptop audio microphone, limited audio interfaces
Visual automation Always Must manually modify and transition scenes
System Requirements All visuals are ready-made and responsive Some scenes unusable due to GPU limitations in PC
Price $299 Lifetime Software License $299 Pro License

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SYQEL vs. Synesthesia:
An In-Depth Feature Comparison

Which product best suits your needs?

Software Compatibility

SYQEL can be downloaded as a desktop app on Windows/Mac. There are very few system requirements to use the app. It can also act as a web-based app. SYQEL can be set up so that it receives any audio source: a desktop, a microphone, you name it. The app can be connected to your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for livestreams using your own personal DJ URL.

Synesthesia software can be downloaded on Windows/Mac. You need a high GPU for Synesthesia to run properly. Computationally intense visual scenes may not appear on your screen/projector at all, and you risk breaking the immersive experience your listeners are in. If you change your computer's audio/visual hardware state, saved settings can be corrupted. This means that you have to go through the process of manually backing up settings files, then deleting your preferences one by one to find the corrupted file. For macOS users, if the visualizer crashes, you have to change your system's settings. Windows users must keep their C++ libraries aligned with whatever Synesthesia is using, or an error will be thrown. You also must have your laptop plugged in at all times, or Synesthesia will stop working altogether.

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Time Spent Setting Up and Using Software

With SYQEL, you just download the software on your PC. Choose your audio input (laptop, microphone, whatever you choose) from your online account and open the desktop app. The app immediately starts visualizing. Modify the framerate, visual duration, and transition times. Modify your set and SYQEL will adjust automatically. It takes 5 minutes to set up and start using SYQEL.

When working with Synesthesia, you have to first adjust your settings and preset features. Then, you have three options: edit a limited number of sample scenes (78 total as of 2021), code your own using OpenGL Shading Language, or source your own media. You can use a limited number of toggle buttons and intensity level slides to vary visuals in real time. But you would most have to build a visual set before you could modify visuals, or risk losing viewer attention by playing the same scene for a long time.

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Ease of Software Usage

SYQEL uses the power of AI to automatically react to any designated audio input and generate visuals for you in real time (like the visual pictured on the left.) The SYQEL app does all the work of creation, so it's very easy to use.

If you do not have a strong knowledge of coding and your computer's setup, you may have difficulty installing, using, or troubleshooting problems when using Synesthesia.

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Visual Media Generation

SYQEL is preloaded with over 50,000 8K ready visuals and 120+ moods to choose from. Set your framerate, visual duration, and transition duration on your online account. A higher framerate creates sharper quality visuals, while a lower framerate promotes better performance on the part of your desktop. Since SYQEL's visuals are preloaded and audio-reactive, you do not need to source visuals or so any visual set up before a show. You also have complete freedom to vary your set in the moment, as SYQEL is not tied to any specific audio ordering.

Synesthesia only 78 ready-made visual scenes that you can modify. Depending on your computer's computational power, you may not be able to use some of these. The software allows you to add in your own videos/images; this requires sourcing your own materials (and worrying about copyright laws.) If you want to create more original scenes, you can code them using GLSL.

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Learning Curve and Fine-Tuning Visuals

If you want to make Synesthesia look even professional, you will have to take the time to configure your account settings. You should get a little coding knowledge in your wheelhouse when taking on the challenge of developing original scenes. You have to keep in mind the computational power of your device, and only use scenes that can perform on your device.

SYQEL requires no training, as machine learning has, in a sense, learned how to perfectly compose visuals for you. The only "fine-tuning" you have to do is choosing how long a visual stays on-screen, and how long it takes to change to the next. You can also choose your mood, but otherwise, you're good to go.

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Pricing: Same price, but different requirements (both software and user.)

A SYQEL Lifetime Software License is a one-time, guaranteed worthy purchase, as you'll want to use this simple app all the time. A Synesthesia Pro License requires a little more effort on the part of the user (and your PC), as you have to manually visualize music.

We have monthly plans if this chunk of cash isn't in the budget right now.



8K visuals
50,000+ visuals/transitions
Completely automated
Minimal system requirements



4K visuals (max)
78 premade visuals
1 manual transition type
Several system requirements

In this case, it really comes down to effort.

If you're looking to add high-value visuals to your show, with a low level of effort, SYQEL is the music visualizer for you.

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